Smog starts to lift from north, east China cities

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HEAVY SMOG THAT prevailed around the Yangtse Delta area - including cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou - and northern cities such as Beijing and Tianjin at the back end of last week has finally started to subside  the week starting Monday, 9 December. 

While we experienced the smog and mist first-hand for ourselves in Shanghai and Hangzhou, TV networks and newspapers reported that over 100 cities in the north of the country (including Beijing and Tianjin) and around the Yangtze delta region were affected by smog and reduced visibility. 

Early in the morning in Shanghai for a couple of days running, visibility was down to less than 10 metres although the smog tended to disperse gradually as the day went on. But the resulting poor visibility was enough to cause flight delays - Pudong airport was worse affected than Hongqiao - and to close some stretches of highway to vehicles in Shanghai and Zhejiang. 

Protective face masks also sold out in many outlets in and around Shanghai as many people rushed to protect themselves from breathing in the thick smog while others simply stayed indoors if they didn't need to go out. 

Smoke mask being used as protection against smog

One way of coping with the smog, albeit a little OTT...!

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